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Christianity Alive

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Real Heroes and Heroines  Children hear stories of real heroes and heroines who stood for moral values.  Some of these include: Kateri Tekawitha, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Chief Seattle, Sts. Peter and Paul, Dominic Savio, Maria Goretti.

Bible Stories  Bible stories include a daily dialogue: Zacchaeus, The Great Commandment, Good Samaritan, The Bridesmaids, The Prodigal Son are some of the selections.

Moral Dilemmas  Children solve small problems which prepare them for everyday life.

Earn Badges  Badges are completed by the children and become part of their certificate.

Marty Mouse  Puppet Mouse engages children each day to guess how he got his name.  You'll be surprised too!

Games  As mountain climbers and archers, children play games, learn skills and a bit of determination.

Activity Book  Activity Books written for four levels have biblical stories, stories of moral heroes, fun activities, and challenges.  Stories presented are age appropriate. 

Musical  Older children get to perform a musical about Lazarus and the Rich Man.

Teacher Manual  Special section for teachers, highlights moral growth and development for children.  Each lesson is spelled out carefully for volunteers.

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