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Tips on Illustrating Your Stories

by Pam Yourell

General Comments

Illustrators look closely at the things they want to draw. If at all possible, observe how things look in real life. Pay attention to detail before you draw. Look for positions of hands, arms in relation to the body. Look at folds in clothing, position of feet, shapes of shoes. How does the body look sitting, standing?

Study the sky, cloud formations, light and darkness. Look at bodies of water. Some are rolling others are still. Look carefully at the kind of water you want to portray. Observe trees, flowers, animals. You learn so much just by focusing on the thing you want to draw.


What is the location of eyes, nose and mouth on the face? Where are the ears in relation to the eyes? The eyes and ears are at the same position on the face. What expression do you want to capture? How do the lips, eyes and eyebrows look to achieve that expression. Look in the mirror to help. Study the faces that others have drawn and try to imitate them.

Your Story

A good place to begin illustrating is to choose a few things from the story. How do you imagine things? Is there a model for it somewhere? If not, sketch how you see it. If you need help achieving perspective, ask your art teacher for suggestions. Perspective takes practice and know how. If your idea is purely imaginary describe it to yourself and then begin.

Other Illustrators

Look at the styles of other illustrators. Some are very detail oriented, others just draw basic ideas. Some rely on bright color to achieve certain effects. Studying others helps you form your style.

Your Style

There is no one exact way to illustrate. Try different mediums and see what is most comfortable for you. Once you choose what you like to do, keep working on it.

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