A Note for Parents on Family Creativity

by Virginia Lynch Graf, D.Min


One weekend our family took a six hour drive to attend a wedding in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our children ages 8 and 10, grew tired of scenery, reading, tapes and other games. We decided to see how many different license tags we could find and to copy down the slogans imprinted on them. From there we would make a game to challenge friends when we returned home. The children were thrilled and amazed that we spotted 42 different tags. We even had chance to learn some French as we looked at a Quebec license which read, Je me souviene. The tag search led to new learning, interesting conversation and to the creation of a new game.

Before going on any trip, we usually go to the library and choose books which may spark interest in our destination. For our trip to the Grand Canyon, three years ago, we looked at many books which described what we'd see but the absolute favorite of our children was Brighty of the Grand Canyon. This book captured their hearts and their imagination. It also helped make that one of our very best vacations.

Summer time affords children many opportunities for leisure. Our family tries to spend more time together. We read together believing there is no substitute for good reading. It stimulates imagination, feeds the senses and broadens one's horizons. Emily Dickinson said it this way, "There is no frigate like a book..." This renowned, prolific poet never traveled farther than Massachusetts but her creativity was fed through reading, correspondence, love of learning and writing. She did all with the passion of an artist and thus she became one!

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