Sample of The Adventures of Dan and Sam, showing the text of pages 24-25 . This is from the chapter called Dan and Sam at Camp.
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Dan and Tom grab Sam's hands. They pull Sam up. He stands on his left leg.

"If we help, can you hop?" asks Dan.

"Will this stick help as a crutch?" asks Tom.

Sam puts the stick under his arm, and then hops. He grins. "It is a grand crutch," he says, "but I wish you would help me off this cliff."

Bit by bit they get off the cliff. When they get to the path, Sam hops with the crutch.

At last Sam says, "Can we rest?"

"Yes," says Tom. "It is best to rest."

"It is a long path."

After a bit they go on. Biff runs to the cabin.

As Tom gets to the cabin he says, "I will get a hot drink for you kids."

He tells them to sit on the cot. Sam stretches his leg on the cot.

"Does it hurt much?" asks Dan.

"Yes, but it is a lot better," says Sam. "Thanks for the help."

Sam pats the dog and says, "Thanks, Biff, for your help."

Biff wags his tail.

Tom gives hot cups to Dan and Sam. He gives Biff a drink in his pan. Then he fixes himself a cup.

"Where do you kids live?" asks Tom.

"We live in Midville with our Mom and Dad," says Dan, "but we have a tent at the camp."

"Are your Mom and Dad with you?" asks Tom.

"Yes," says Sam, "but they went to a shop to get some things for supper."

"I think they will be back when we get to the camp," says Dan.

"We can go to the camp in my truck," says Tom.

"Oh, yes," says Sam. "That will help a lot."

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