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Steps to Success Series:

The cover shows 2 boys with their tents and camping gear.The Adventures of Dan and Sam

The Adventures of Dan and Sam by Phyllis Yingling fills a need for good stories for children just beginning to read, and especially for dyslexic children. Suzon Weber, the author's collaborator and a reading specialist who used the Orton-Gillingham method, looked for an author to creatively fill the need for high interest content with structured vocabulary. The successful partnership created this three story adventure book about boys who like to camp. Practice with consonant blends and short vowel sounds within a context of interesting stories is the the heart of our efforts to help those who want to read. (32 pages, 14 illustrations) $6.95each. Quantity rates are available.

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"My students picked up their Dan and Sam books and eagerly began reading them. They were thrilled to actually be reading a chapter book with success. They found the story line interesting and requested to take the books home to share with their parents. Their response was enthusiastically positive." Janet Jones Language Tutor, Jemicy School; Creator of Moose Materials based on the Orton Gillingham approach.

"These lively stories should be great fun for dyslexic readers." Maggie Meachem Author of 11 books for children, Writing Instructor at Goucher College.


The Fantastic Fan and 7 More Fantastic StoriesThe Fantastic Fan and 7 More Fantastic Stories

The Fantastic Fan and 7 More Fantastic Stories is the second book in our Steps to Success Series.  It emphasizes short vowel sounds, blends, the soft and hard sounds of c and g. In this 58 page book there are 8 distinct and entertaining stories. One story involves kids making a video with a mini-cam. They are mistaken by a neighbor as trouble makers. Variety like this in each story gives the reader pleasure while providing the practice to build confidence in reading. Unlike other books that emphasize phonics to the loss of literary value, this book is clearly written by a professional writer. This is the tenth book so finely illustrated by Pam Yourell. The book costs $7.95 for one copy. Quantity discounts are available.




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Dan and Sam and the RV TripDan and Sam and the RV Trip

Travels in an RV to Disney World provide a lot of excitement for Dan and Sam.No matter what befalls them, the boys and their friends come out on top.Primarily using short vowels, Phyllis Yingling writes exciting stories.Working with Suzon Babitt Weber, reading specialist who thoroughly tests the stories before they go to print, and illustrator, Becky Lindberg, is quite attractive.Literature and phonetics donít have to be polar extremes.Combining exceptional writing skill with remarkable illustrations, make this a favorite book of teachers and students.The book costs $7.95 for one copy. Quantity discounts are available.



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The Best Trip YetThe Best Trip Yet

This last book in the series, reminiscent of Chaucer's Canterberry Tales, uniquely presents Dan, Sam, Mom and Dad as story tellers traveling home from Florida.  Some tales in the 79 page book are fantastic, others factual.  Stephen Banea also adds a unique touch by enhancing his illustrations with the computer. . The book costs $8.95 for one copy. Quantity discounts are available.





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How these books came to be:

In introducing vocabulary to dyslexic students, teachers using the Orton-Gillingham approach use a phonetic method that begins with teaching the learner to recognize words with closed syllables containing short vowels (in, at, pet, fan ). Eventually consonant blends are introduced (past, brand, grin) and later multisyllabic words with short vowels enclosed by consonants (contract, district) are presented. In these early stages, using all short vowel words in closed syllables, (with the exception of memorized words such as: the, their, could), decoding becomes easier and students can concentrate more on context and meaning.

It was at this level that Weber's students were eager to try reading a book, other than classroom materials. A search of bookstores and libraries revealed no real story books with this controlled vocabulary. Though there are many easy-to-read books available, The Adventures of Dan and SamThe Fantastic Fan and Dan,  Sam and the RV Trip and The Best Trip Yet, contain stories written especially for fun-loving youngsters who have had difficulty learning to read. Adults learning to read can also benefit from the confidence boost that reading these books will give. The Steps to Success Series for dyslexic readers, includes stories with diverse settings and multicultural characters.


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