Sample of The Fantastic Fan and 7 More Fantastic Stories, showing the text of pages 48-49 . This is from a story called Rod and the Film Mix-Up.
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At the end of the flick Liz says, "I wish I could sing and dance. It must be fun to be in a film."

Rod says, "I bet you can sing and dance. You just have to practice."

"No," says Liz, "You have to have talent. I can sing a bit, but am not so hot."

Kim says, "Pam is a good dancer."

Pam grins and nods. "I was dancing when I was just a kid. I think dancing is my best talent."

Rod snaps his fingers. "I've got it!" he says. "Let's rent a mini-cam and do a film. We will have to practice a lot, but we can do a fantastic flick!"

"Wow!" says Kim. "That's the best plan yet. Let's get at it."

"I bet the rest of the kids will help," says Liz.

"The kids in the band class can be in it," says Pam.

"We could have some jazz," says Rod.

"And gospel," says Liz.

"And rock," says Kim.

"Yes," says Liz. "And we can do skits."

"Wow," says Kim, "This can be as good as MTV."

Rod jumps up. "Let's get at it. We can ask the man at the video shop how to rent a mini-cam. Then we can check with the rest of the bunch and let them in on our plan. We must practice a lot."

"Where can we practice?" asks Pam. "We will have to have a big hall."

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