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Elements of the Program-Forever Friends

Bible Stories about Jesus are the daily focus

Forever Friends, A Story of Jesus. This attractive book with vivid illustrations and clear text is a daily resource for lessons on the life and ministry of Jesus. It contains the best available biblical scholarship written in an easy format for children.

Travel Journal This resource is available at three levels: pre-primary, primary, and intermediate/Jr. High. Activities include maps, puzzles and mazes, challenges for reflection and imagination, poetry and story starters. It is distinctively tailored to recognize the differences among students, and to give them a sense of their uniqueness. The Travel Journal becomes a way to share ideas and faith experiences.

Music provides joy and peace. The songs teach in a relaxing and enjoyable manner. There are 12 new songs to accompany the lessons. The cassette tape has one side with vocal and the other side without. Scored music in booklet form, comes with the tape. Lyrics are provided in the student travel journal. 

Arts and Crafts A variety of crafts gives children and catechists choices. All the crafts are related to the lessons, some from Jesus' time. Many crafts are created from re-cycled materials, teaching a more responsible and creative way to use resources. All have ample opportunity to add their own creative ideas.

Dramatizations Wooly is the cute, hand puppet who serves as the tour guide through the Holy Land as well as the daily lesson riddle master. Each day a different child can operate the hand puppet for the opening and closing exercises while another person does the speaking for Wooly in a loud, clear and slow voice.

Topics of Forever Friends

The Boy Jesus
God's Plan / Story of Birth / Meaning of  Jesus' Name
The Holy Family
Jesus, Mary, Joseph / Jesus Lost in Temple
Jesus Begins His Ministry
Baptism of Jesus / Temptation in the Desert,
Followers of Jesus
Calling the Apostles / Men and Women Disciples
Jesus, the Great Teacher
Parables: Good Samaritan / The Loving Father
Teaching Imagery: Shepherd / Sheep
Jesus, the Loving Friend
Martha, Mary, and Lazarus / Miracles
Feeding the Multitude / Forgiving Sin
Jesus, the Savior
The Last Supper / Death of Jesus
Jesus Dies and Rises
Jesus' Appearances / Personal Faith

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